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Strong + Confident

Strong + Confident

My mom aka "the one and only", always said to me that you can tell a lot about a person when you look into their eyes, because your eyes are the window to your soul. Most of us pay attention to a person's smile or facial expressions, but she always meditates on their eyes. 

Your eyes are what people notice right now since we are mandated to wear a face mask. People can't see the colorful lipstick or lip gloss, warming smile, or cute facial expressions, but they do see our eyes.  

What do your eyes say about you?

Due to COVID, financial burdens, and a slew of other issues, your eyes might not be as bright as they once were. I have noticed that about myself lately. Being a wife, mom, and small business owner, I have my fair share of stressors, but I've decided I am not allowing ANY issue to control me. I choose to put on makeup and stand strong. Even though its only eyeliner and a little color on my brows, doing this simple thing encourages my soul.

Be Strong & Confident

Ladies, no matter what you are going through, you are STRONG and CONFIDENT! Yes, our normal has changed, but we can't allow it to transform us for good. If putting a little makeup on makes you feel strong and confident, then do it. If telling yourself repeatably that you are beautiful and made in God's image, then do it. Whatever it takes, don't stay where you are. Get up, shake it off, and move forward. Hardship takes us deeper and wisdom, direction, and purpose will be our reward. 

Better days are coming because the best is yet to come!

Stay strong beauties,
Taylor + Cate