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Coping with a face mask

Coping with a face mask

A friend called me the other day telling me about her doctor friend who is making face masks with lavender. I explained to her the benefits it offers and what a great idea it is. A few hours later, a friend of mine stated she hyperventilates when wearing a mask due to claustrophobia. Even though this happens, she needs to wear a mask because of health issues. Then a customer emailed me stating that she is dealing with acne due to wearing a face mask for 4-8 hours a day. 

What products do we suggest to help calm anxiety and fight outbreaks? Virginia mandates us to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID. For my friend who hyperventilates, I suggested the Calm Rollerapply under her nose before putting on her mask and as needed to reduce anxiety. The Calm Roller contains lavender which when inhaled relaxes the mind and body. 

To the customer who is dealing with breakouts or acne, try using our Lavender Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer. Lavender and Tea Tree have antibacterial and antifungal properties making it beneficial for breakouts or acne. Spraying the inside of your mask where your face consistently touches will help minimize outbreaks. Adding the Lavender Tea Tree products to your skincare routine will provide extra benefits by combating oily or combination skin, toning pores, and remove impurities. 

Even though we are all struggling in some way to cope with the new normal, please know you are not alone. We all have our issues, but together, we can and will get through this. 

Stay safe beauties,
Taylor Made Organics