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Magnesium Organic Lotion

Magnesium is great for relieving sore or painful muscles, and muscle cramps.
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Introducing our Best Seller, Magnesium Lotion. It is the perfect solution for those suffering from back pain, muscle cramps, and overall muscle tension. Our lotion is infused with magnesium, a powerful mineral that helps to relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

Magnesium is known for its ability to relieve muscle tension and soreness, making it an ideal ingredient for those suffering from back pain or muscle cramps. Our lotion is also great for athletes or anyone who experiences muscle soreness after a workout.

In addition to its muscle-relaxing benefits, magnesium has been shown to improve sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety, and even promote healthy skin. Our lotion is made with all-natural ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals, making it safe for all skin types.

To use, simply apply our Magnesium Lotion to the affected area and massage gently until fully absorbed. Use regularly for best results. Say goodbye to muscle tension and hello to relaxation with our Magnesium Lotion.

1 FULL pump contains approximately 25-30 mg 

virginia spring water, magnesium chloride brine, *avocado oil, *jojoba oil, *coconut oil, *unrefined shea butter, plant emulsifier, *peppermint essential oil, and phenoxyethanol (plant-derived natural identical)


Our lotion does NOT contain aluminum hydroxide sulfate or hydrated silica.

Magnesium is a natural element, which helps in the regulation of muscle function and eases discomfort. In this case, it's lotion! With the calming effects that magnesium provides, our Magnesium Lotion can also help with stress-related headaches or insomnia. It provides all-over relief, not just to your legs or shoulders. This soothing lotion is made here in America. Contact us for the perfect size for you!

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  • "I found this at my massage center & it is nothing short of amazing. It’s tingly and relieves sore muscles in about 15 minutes. Weirdly it has reduced my cravings for dark chocolate, probably because it’s supplementing magnesium. It is also a miracle sleep aid that relaxes me for a good night’s sleep!"


  • "I have tried a lot of lotions to help with nerve pain & joint aches. I have Post Lyme Disease Syndrome. I would take oral magnesium to help but this makes me tired. This lotion has been a life saver!!! Usually receive effects in about 30 minutes after application. Excellent results! I am so thankful to have found this product!"


  • This lotion actually works. I use it for joint and muscle pain but it also works as a nice moisturizer as well. Clearly quality ingredients and has a cooling effect."


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