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When Covid-19 hit our nation, trying to find hand sanitizer was impossible. Immediately, owner and founder, Christy Teter went to work on formulating a sanitizer containing 70% alcohol which exceeds the recommended amount by the CDC. 

Our online store began to take preorders and soon found out that the need was greater than we had originally thought. Frontline Workers, First Responders, Health Care Workers, and Essential Workers were scrambling to find hand sanitizer in our area. Christy recognized the need and immediately implemented a plan to help. 

For every gallon of hand sanitizer sold,
TWO - 8oz bottles
are donated to essential workers in our community


The word began to spread that we are making hand sanitizer and calls, emails, and messages from essential workers in our community began to pour in stating their immediate need for hand sanitizer. 

To date, we have donated over 400 bottles and still have a growing list of essential workers in need. 

Thank you for supporting our business and for keeping our essential workers safe in our area.

Here are a few ways YOU can help:


East Gate Ministries


In 2014, Christy was honored to attend East Gate Ministries Banquet, a fundraiser for the Grace House which houses women who are pregnant or who have children and are homeless, in a difficult relationship, or are addicted to drugs. 

After hearing the compelling testimony of Ilsa Weaver, East Gate Ministries founder, Christy knew that she wanted to partner with her to help the women and children.

On average, it cost around $2-3,000 per month to house ONE woman. The Grace House team feeds, shelters, offers Christian counseling, emotional restoration, rehab for drug addiction, bible studies, and various other programs for the women. 

That is why Taylor Made Organics has partnered with East Gate Ministries to donate a portion of our sales to help house these women. YOU make it possible with EVERY order you place!

If we can help at least one woman a month, I would be grateful and I know that she and her child will thank you, too! 

East Gate is located in Bridgewater, Va. 

For more information or to donate