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About Taylor Made

As a child, I spent many summers at my grandmother’s house. I can still smell the scent of fresh lilacs blooming as it blew through the kitchen window and the beautiful pink damasks roses sitting on her dining room table. Grandma was incredibly special to me and my journey. She encouraged me to be creative by rummaging through her refrigerator to prepare a meal for her to eat.

My mom, her daughter, has been in the health food industry of over 40+ years and she taught us how to use alternative medicine. This stemmed from an interest in me to later get my Naturopathic doctorate degree with an emphasis on essential oils.

My childhood learning began to weave a dream in my soul that would later turn into a small business, Taylor Made Organics.

How it all began…

Our daughter, Taylor, just a few months old, had a severe case of diaper rash. I at the time was studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor so I knew a bit about which herbs or oils would be most helpful. As I shuffled through a box of herbs and essential oils, I grabbed a few and went to work on formulating a salve to clear up her diaper rash and provide a protective barrier. Little did I know that those skills I learned as a child, being creative in grandma’s kitchen, and the love for alternative medicine instilled in my heart would begin a lifelong journey for me and my family.

After seeing how quickly the diaper rash healed, I knew it was time to not only formulate additional products but to help those who have for years searched for products to relieve their ongoing skin condition.

As the years went by, our line flourished into therapeutic salves and creams, bath and body products, hair care, bar soaps, and more. After outgrowing our current space, we built a shop, grew our online store, and began selling our products retail and wholesale all over America.

The next generation
Our middle daughter Cate has taken on the love for naturally clean skincare by creating her own makeup line. Her love for makeup started as a young child. She kept a bag filled with lip gloss and eye shadow and made sure she had a little on when going out. At the age of 17, her dream is to teach people to become aware and value of clean living, by becoming an esthetician. As you can see, the legacy continues.
Who we are

Taylor Made Organics is a faith-based small business located in Port Republic, VA. Our handmade therapeutic skincare line and cosmetics are only made with organic, naturally clean ingredients. Our goal is to not only grow our business but to bring an awareness of the benefits of using alternative skincare and non-toxic makeup.


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Be confident in who you are,
Taylor Made Organics

Mission Statement

Helping women transform their skin with non-toxic, therapeutic cosmetics while building skin-confidence.

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