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About Taylor Made

Our Story: From Grandma's Kitchen to Your Skincare Routine

Childhood summers at my grandmother's house were filled with the scent of lilacs and the sight of damask roses. Grandma, a constant source of love and encouragement, fostered my creativity by letting me experiment in her kitchen. My mother, a pioneer in the health food industry, instilled in me a deep appreciation for alternative medicine, which eventually led me to pursue a Naturopathic doctorate with a focus on essential oils.

These early experiences wove a dream that would one day blossom into Taylor Made Organics.

The Spark of Inspiration

When our daughter, Taylor, developed a severe diaper rash, I turned to my knowledge of herbs and oils to create a soothing salve. It worked wonders, and I realized I could help others find relief from their skin concerns too.

Drawing on the resourcefulness I learned in Grandma's kitchen and my passion for natural remedies, I began crafting more products. Our therapeutic salves, creams, and bath products resonated with people seeking gentle, effective skincare. We outgrew our space, built a dedicated shop, and expanded our reach across America.

The Legacy Continues

The love for clean beauty runs in the family. Our daughter, Cate, now leads our makeup line, sharing her passion for non-toxic cosmetics and empowering others to embrace clean living.

Who We Are

Taylor Made Organics is a faith-based family business based in Port Republic, VA. We handcraft therapeutic skincare and cosmetics using only organic, naturally clean ingredients. Our mission goes beyond business growth – we strive to educate and raise awareness about the benefits of alternative skincare and non-toxic makeup.

We invite you to join us on this journey! Connect with us on IG and FB. explore our online store at, and discover the transformative power of clean beauty.

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With confidence and care,
Taylor Made Organics

Mission Statement

To empower women to transform their skin and build confidence through non-toxic, therapeutic cosmetics.

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