Have your tried them?

This weekend at our Spring Market events, customers raved about how much they liked the smell, texture, and therapeutic benefits of our Magnesium and Stress Relief Lotions. Men liked how it soaks in well without leaving their hands greasy.

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New Spring Collection

We have NEW Spring Collection, Lavender Lilac, Honeysuckle, and Strawberry all made with 100% natural scents derived from flowers and fruits. Phthalate + Paraben + Sulfate Free!

Herbal Salves

Have you tried our Herbal Salves? Each are unique to your skin care need. All are made with herb infused oils, essential oils, and beeswax. Read more about each product on our collection page.

Summer Collection

The taste and smell of fresh fruit in the summer is refreshing and delightful. That's what we have captured in our Summer Collection LAUNCHING SOON!!