New Spring Collection

We have NEW Spring Collection, Lavender Lilac, Honeysuckle, and Strawberry all made with 100% natural scents derived from flowers and fruits. Phthalate + Paraben + Sulfate Free!

Dry or Itchy Skin

When your skin becomes dry and itchy, don't forget to hydrate and moisturize it with this rich hand + body cream. It's packed full of skin loving oils to nourish your skin from the outside in!


The smell and taste of a sweet, juicy strawberry right off the vine is bottled up in the NEW Strawberry Spring Collection!

Herbal Salves

Have you tried our Herbal Salves? Each are unique to your skin care need. All are made with herb infused oils, essential oils, and beeswax. Read more about each product on our collection page.

Honeysuckle Spring Collection

The smell and taste of honeysuckles in the spring are captured in our NEW Spring Collection.