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Tea Tree Organic Cream - fungal + candida

Fungus, yeast, or candida can be very irritating, especially in the summer.
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    Fungus, yeast, or candida can be very irritating, causing skin problems and discomfort. Our therapeutic cream is made with key fungal-fighting ingredients to help provide relief from itching and skin irritations. Try our cream to soothe and calm your skin and experience the benefits of our powerful formula.


    distilled waterplant emulsifier, *lemon balm, *thyme, *pau d' arco, *oregano, *raw unrefined shea butter, *coconut oil, essential oils *tea tree, *lemon, *oregano, *lavender, *thyme, and *rosemary, potassium sorbate,

    phenoxyethanol (plant-derived natural identical)

    Paraben | Glycol | Phthalate Free

    For topical use only. Use it two or three times a day. Not for internal use. Avoid the eye area. 


    • "Tea tree cream is the best for fungal, candida, and itchy skin. I had a problem with a rash on my leg, and this cream cleared it up in just a few days. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, this is the product for you!"


    • "Do not hesitate to purchase this cream if you are suffering from fungal, itchy hands, like I was! So soothing for the redness & irritation. I ended up having to take medication to get my candida under control, but this cream was instrumental in helping my skin to heal. Thank you!!!!"


    • "I've suffered from itchy, fungus-ridden skin for years. I tried everything—creams, pills, everything! And then I found Tea Tree Cream. It's the only thing that has ever worked for me, and it's SO easy to use. I just put it on my skin every night before bed, and in the morning my skin is clear and healthy again. This stuff is amazing!!"


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