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Pumpkin Spice.. and everything nice!

Pumpkin Spice.. and everything nice!

As we slip into fall, the air is swirling with the delicious scent of pumpkin spice. From cold brews, candles, and bath and body care products. We jumped on the trend and went to work in the kitchen to create two fall scents, pumpkin spice, and vanilla chai.

The incredible natural and organic scent is whipped into a lotion, sugar scrub, bubble bath, bath bomb, and lip balm. While the products smell delicious, almost good enough to eat, we additionally made them nourishing for your skin.


Let's talk ingredients

Minus cold brews, candles, and bath and body care products may contain synthetic fragrances rather than natural scents. Synthetic fragrances are harmful to the lungs, restricting airflow.

When I first began formulating lotions, I experimented with different fragrances, natural and synthetic. Within a few minutes after using synthetic fragrances a headache arrived and I had trouble breathing. The fragrances had to cause this reaction, but why? I began researching ingredients in fragrances and came across one that caught my eye, phthalates.

Phthalate is a solvent and when inhaled can affect your breathing. That's what I reacted to immediately and still do. How could I enjoy seasonal scents without a headache or trouble breathing?

There has to be an alternative, without diminishing the delicious scent of pumpkin spice. After a few clicks of researching natural and organic ingredients, the answer was revealed, flavor oils.

Flavor oils are made from plant-based ingredients and are safe for internal use. Flavor oils are most commonly used in lip balms, but when cold brews and lattes became everyone's favorite drink, flavor oils are used to create the tempting flavors you enjoy.



There is no doubt your skin will smell amazing, but most importantly, your skin will be moisturized and hydrated with skin-loving oils and butter. From exfoliating your skin with a sugar scrub to washing your hands to combat germs. You will know our phthalate-free scents will not overpower your senses and immediately drive you to wash your skin to remove the harmful scent.

You will enjoy being able to soak in the tub, hydrate your lips, moisturize your skin, or wash your hands while smelling pumpkin spice everything!


How to use

Read each label for instructions and usage. We suggest using the sugar scrub one to two times a week targeting the legs and feet. The lotion can be used daily to keep your skin moisturized and soft. 


Final Thoughts

The best part is knowing you don't need to avoid the body care section anymore. You can have your pumpkin spice fix without wondering if you'll react to the artificial scent. You can trust us to formulate and produce organic, naturally clean skincare, body care, and makeup products that are NOT harmful to you or your precious family.

Hours, weeks, and months go into researching ingredients to produce safe, high-quality products. You'll never need to wonder if toxic ingredients are in our products because they are BANNED from our ingredient list.

You deserve the safest skincare products and that's exactly what you will find here at Taylor Made Organics.

Ditch the toxic products and Switch to organic, naturally clean.


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Stay beautiful,
Christy + TMO team