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Treating Itchy or Dry Skin With Organic Skincare Products

Treating Itchy or Dry Skin With Organic Skincare Products

Itchy or dry skin can be a very uncomfortable feeling. If you suffer from itchy or dry skin, organic skincare products may be the solution to your problem. Organic skincare is all-natural and organic; it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin as many store-bought products do. What can you do to treat your dry or itchy skin without compromising your health?

How you shower and moisturize affects your skin.

If you shower in hot water, it will dry out your skin and if you don't shampoo regularly, your hair and scalp can get oily. Make sure to find a happy medium so that you won't have greasy or flaky patches on your body!

Should I moisturize with my skin dry?

You should always apply your moisturizer to clean, slightly damp skin so that it is absorbed better into your skin. If it feels like the moisturizer isn't sinking into your skin and leaving it feeling greasy, try applying less of the organic lotion or organic oil to see if that helps. Some organic products take a little while longer than traditional products to absorb so don't be discouraged! You may just need more time for it to work its magic on your body which brings us to our next tip:

Don't give up! It can take some time for dry patches and flaky skin to go away but once they do – oh boy – will you feel great about yourself again with smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Organic Products to Soothe Dry Skin

Organic lotion

Lotions made by big-brand names often contain filler ingredients and ingredients that have been tied to health risks. This can leave you with extremely dry skin or dry & itchy skin if the lotion has too many of the wrong ingredients. Our organic lotions are made with organic oils that have been cold-pressed. These organic oils are the base of organic skincare products and include essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, D, and E, all of which moisturize dry skin and balance oily skin types.

Lotions can be used for more than just hydrating your itchy or dry skin; they also contain ingredients that help reduce acne breakouts and even out dark spots. Organic skincare is beneficial not only for relieving symptoms like itching but also for improving the overall health of your sensitive dry skin!

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Organic skin salve

Organic salves are great for treating both itchy and dry skin as well as reducing acne breakouts and evening-out dark spots. The clean ingredients of these organic salves make them products that you can feel good about using!

Because our skin is so absorbent, many lotions and creams don't stay on the skin long and are quickly absorbed. When a salve is applied, its ingredients aren’t absorbed by your skin as quickly, so they sit on the skin and provide long-lasting moisture. This is perfect for targeting smaller dry skin patches or patches of contact dermatitis!

Salves also provide a protective barrier to your skin! While your skin is trying to mend, apply some salve to protect it from additional trauma and irritation.

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Organic mild soap

Our organic bar soap is 100% pure soap, created using only the finest natural vegetable oil. Our soaps don't get slimy or disappear quickly (like glycerin soaps) and are safe in humid areas.

If you have severe dry skin or sensitive skin, the soap that you choose can do more harm than good. It will get you clean in the end, but if the soap is harsher, it can end up causing patches of dry or itchy skin and take all of the natural moisture out of your skin. Use a mild, moisturizing soap to relieve dry skin!

Your skin will fall in love with our personal care products. So much so, you'll have to come back for more and share the goodness with your friends and family!

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What if I have a chronic skin condition?

People with chronic skin conditions need to pay extra attention to their skin. Do any of their skincare products cause an allergic reaction? Do you tend to develop dry skin more after using certain types of products? Things like these become more important to you than they are for people who experience only normal skin dryness and itchiness.

Exploring what products will treat the symptoms of your specific skin condition is important! There are specific treatments for different things, so the treatment for flaky skin will be different from the treatment for irritated skin. Consider your body's needs and risk factors that you have so that you can choose the best home remedies to keep your skin hydrated!

Your skin is unique; your skin type, genes, skincare routine, and lifestyle work together to make it look and act how it does today. We've curated a list of skincare concerns that many people have. Check out our list of skin concerns below!

Skin Concerns

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Now you know what organic skincare to use when you've got itchy or dry skin problems, why not try one today? You may find relief from rashes caused by