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Q & A about our products

Q & A about our products

Want to know more about my skincare and makeup brand? This is an honest, transparent Q&A with answers to your questions.
  • Do you make your skincare products? Yes, except for a few pre-made bases like acne gel and bar soap. Apart from a pre-made base, using my naturopathic doctorate degree with a focus in botanicals and aromatherapy, I am the formulator behind the products creating the product from the base all the way to which essential oils, herbs, or extracts to blend. 

  • Do you make your own makeup products? No. Our shop doesn't have millions of dollars' worth of machinery needed to manufacture makeup. That's why we contacted a cosmetic lab in New York who formulates and manufactures makeup. We loved their formula and decided to partner with them to have them manufacture our makeup products for us.

  • What type of essential oils do you use? I'm meticulous about my essential oils. Years ago, when I first made tiny batches of products, I would use brands like Aura Cacia, Now, Young Living, and a few other brands. As our production increased, I had to look for other brands who could support our growing business needs, being able to purchase gallons of essential oils at a time. After testing their pure-grade essential oils, I condensed it down to a few brands I trust to supply me with top-grade essential oils.

  • Are your products organic? Yes. I source as many organic ingredients as possible but there are a few ingredients we can't label "organic" such as water. With this exception, our products are 75-95% organic. 
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