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Do you need relief from dry, itchy skin?

Do you need relief from dry, itchy skin?

When cold weather hits, so does dry itchy skin. To relieve these symptoms, here are #10 TIPS to help you breeze through the winter season.

TIP #01: Drink plenty of water

TIP #02: Avoid taking hot showers

TIP #03: Use a soft body brush to brush the skin before taking a shower or before bed to remove dead skin cells. Do not use it when your skin is wet, only dry.

TIP #04: Take essential fatty acids to improve skin moisture, and avoid a high-fat diet

TIP #05: Minimize dairy intake which clogs pores and the lymphatic system causing the skin to become inflamed and itchy. 

TIP #06: To provide relief from psoriasis/eczema use our topical products (cream, body wash, or bar soap)

TIP #07: Hydrate and moisturize the skin with any of our body lotions, specifically the Renew Lotion containing hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture.

TIP #08: Moisturize the lips with a lip balm enriched with shea butter to provide superior lip protection 

TIP #09: Lock in moisture and prevent cold temps from aging the skin by using the Age Gracefully cream twice a day.

TIP #10: Minimize the use of skin care products containing alcohol which can dehydrate the skin

And don't forget your supplements.

Thorne formulated professional-grade supplements to target your health needs. You'll find a wide range of products such as biotin for hair loss, collagen for aging skin, cleansers for acne, and even health tests to see what supplements you'll need for menopause. 

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