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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

We have a grateful heart for all of you who have supported our small business and for that we want to donate a percentage of TODAY'S sales to Sadie Rose Foundation, located in Dayton, Va.

Sadie Rose Foundation is an official non-profit 501(c)3 organization offering support to families and individuals who have experienced the death of a child, including through pregnancy loss and miscarriage. They are based in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Regardless of how long ago or recent your loss, we welcome you as strangers no longer, but fellow bereaved families coping shoulder-to-shoulder in a life we never imagined for ourselves.

They offer support and assistance to anyone, regardless of race, religion or reason for loss.

Read Sadie's Story...

We were ecstatic and nervous at the same time when pink lines on the test confirmed our first pregnancy. I actually took four tests, all positive, before I could allow myself to believe it. We had only gotten married three months prior. After 12 nieces and nephews, on whom I doted on all the time, it was finally my turn.

We did all the things first-time expecting parents might do. I immediately joined pregnant mother’s message boards online, we talked about names, we did everything by the book. I started rummaging through the baby clothes in the department stores. We dreamed of whether the baby would be a boy or girl and decided not to find out. We nicknamed the baby, Chickpea, and that’s how we referred to her for the remainder of the pregnancy.

We switched from my regular doctor to Dr. Botticelli, an OBGYN, who is also our personal friend. We knew that with him we were going to be in the best of hands for our pregnancies. Little did we know the journey we would take together.

During our routine 20-week ultrasound, Dr. Botticelli was the one to tell us that Chickpea was not developing properly. He immediately scheduled an appointment for us at a Prenatal Diagnosis Center for further testing.

After hours on the ultrasound table, tests confirmed that our baby had a form of skeletal dysplasia, which in Sadie’s case included dwarfism. It wasn’t an easy or understandable diagnosis. There are about 175 kinds of skeletal dysplasia; about 30 percent of them are lethal. The bright side, we thought, was that 70 percent are not. At our last appointment, before I delivered her, we were told it looked like we were going to have a healthy dwarf.

I went into labor at 26 weeks. Because of the build-up of fluid in my body, I measured 38 weeks so my body thought it was time to deliver. My sister drove me to Rockingham Memorial Hospital where they immediately called in a medical helicopter and transported me to another medical center about an hour away.

Finishing reading her story here....

Sadie Rose foundation is currently raising money for Regina Harlow's salary and we want to help. Today, when you place an order, you will help fund her salary and give hope to families who are hurting and broken. 

Take 15% off your order (use code SADIEROSE) + get Free Shipping over $50* 

Thank you for your support, 
Christy Teter