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What is Small Business Saturday?

What is Small Business Saturday?

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Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate small businesses in America. It was founded by American Express, and it's now an event that takes place every year on the Saturday after Black Friday.

In 2010, American Express saw something happening on Main Streets across America during the holidays -- big name stores were getting bigger while small businesses struggled more than ever. As a response, they created Small Business Saturday, or Small Saturday, in the hopes that small businesses would be celebrated for the small things they do to make every day better.

Small Saturday is also a great way to support small community shops, family-owned restaurants, and other small businesses that are a part of your local economy. That means when you shop at small businesses on Small Business Saturday, more of your money stays right in your neighborhood instead of being sent elsewhere or into corporate pockets! This really makes it easy to feel good about where you're spending your money during this holiday season.

How do I celebrate Small Business Saturday?

Shop small and local businesses. Many small business owners offer discounts or special deals for this day, so it's a great time to get some new items!

Don't forget about Small Business Saturday on Black Friday either! Make sure you're going out of your way to shop small and local businesses that day! It's a fantastic way to spend the holiday season supporting small businesses in our community.

It's not just limited to shopping either -- you can use social media throughout November leading up to the big event on November 26th by using hashtag #smallbizsat so people know what kind of small business events are taking place near them.

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