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The next generation

The next generation

It all began when a little girl was born 23 years ago. She had severe diaper rash and over-the-counter creams didn't clear it up. At the time, I was in the middle of getting my naturopathic doctorate degree and one of the electives required was on essential oils. With the information I learned, I walked into the kitchen and began to make a salve to try on her diaper rash. After it cooled, I applied it to her red, irritated bottom and within a few hours, it was completely healed.  

That's how the Herbal Skin Salve became the heart and soul of our company, and thanks to this little girl who needed mommies help, we named our business after her, Taylor.

I made a commitment from that time forward I would only make clean, toxin-free products, Taylor Made for your skincare needs. Since then, I have formulated a therapeutic line, bath and body products, seasonal collection, collaborated with a biochemist to formulate colloidal silver products, and well.. now it's time for the next generation to take the lead.

The next generation....

This little girl has grown up into a beautiful, strong woman, and has now taken her spot as the marketing director. The new logo, color palette, it's all her. We call her, "Joanna tot" because she has an eye for style like Joanna Gaines.

Behind the scenes, my middle daughter, Cate, and I are working together on an exciting new collection launching in August. We are staying true to always creating naturally clean products and this line is no different. It's natural + organic, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and made in america.

As for me, well, I am the production director and still mom.

Thank y'all for bearing with us during the transition. I've always envisioned Taylor Made products all over America, and with two new teammates, the possibilities are endless.

What do y'all think? Did they do a good job? Leave a comment on our FB page.

Stay safe,
Christy Teter + team

photo credits Sidney Leigh Photography