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Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Chai Hand Soap

Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Chai

Fall is my favorite season. I cannot wait to stroll through fall festivals, take a drive to see the colorful leaves, drink a hot vanilla chai tea, and eat a homemade pumpkin pie. If you love the fall season as much as I do, you are going to LOVE our Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Chai Fall Collection. It includes a sugar scrub, bath bomb, lotion, and lip balm, but due to COVID19 we have added a NEW product to the fall line, well, actually TWO, Hand Soap, and Bubble Bath. 

Sulfates + Phthalates 

The CDC recommends us to wash our hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds or longer. If I must wash my hands continually, I want the soap base to be toxin-free, but also smell good. Most store-bought hand soaps are made with sodium laureth sulfate, a lathering agent. It is a harsh chemical that can cause skin irritations, inflame the skin, clog pores, etc. On top of that, the scent is usually a fragrance oil that contains phthalates, a solvent. When inhaled it can inflame the lungs and stimulate an asthma attack. Phthalates can interfere with hormone levels and affect the reproductive system. 

Clean + Natural

We formulated a foaming hand soap made with organic saponified soap (sulfate-free) and phthalate-free scent. The soap base contains moisturizing coconut and jojoba oil and the scents are AMAZING. The Pumpkin Spice smell is like a fresh pumpkin pie right out of the oven and Vanilla Chai, it is sweet but a little spicy. 

Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Chai bubble bath

What about a bubble bath?

Do not worry, it too is made with a sulfate-free soap base and phthalate-free scent. It makes an amazing bubble bath and oh my, when you step out of the tub, you will smell DELICIOUS!!

While you are in the tub, exfoliate your legs, feet, and elbows with a sugar scrub. The tiny sugar granules gently exfoliate dead skin while the skin-loving oils leave the skin SUPER SOFT! After drying off, nourish the rest of your skin with a lotion.

DITCH toxic hand soap and bubble bath and SWITCH to clean + natural, Taylor Made just for you. 

Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap
Vanilla Chai Hand Soap
Pumpkin Spice Bubble Bath
Vanilla Chai Bubble Bath

Stay healthy beautiful,
Christy, Taylor, and Cate