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How to cope during the holiday season

How to cope during the holiday season

The holiday season is a time of joy and happiness but sometimes it can be stressful or filled with grief and sorrow. Let's not allow these feelings to overwhelm us during this time and take the step to acknowledge that we are feeling low and need help. 
Mental Health awareness is dear to my heart and this is why I created six therapeutic rollers to bring balance, wholeness, and wellness to your body and mind.
Each therapeutic blend targets a need like,
Calm - brings peace and relaxation
Cold + Sinus - relieves sinus congestion and pressure
Joyful - bring joy into your day
Muscle Ease - sore or tight muscles
Stress Relief - eases stress and tension
Sweet Dreams - promotes a restful night's sleep
Each comes in a new .40 oz glass roller. Simply roll a small amount onto the wrist, under the nose, or neck/back area as needed.
Let's take the steps needed this season to overcome the obstacles and make it a bright and joyous Christmas season.