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Transition your skin from winter to spring..

Transition your skin from winter to spring..

When I think of spring, allergies come to mind. With an array of flowers budding and blooming, the air is filled with tiny little pollen particles that cause seasonal allergies as well as skin allergies. If you currently have sensitive skin, pollen particles can attach to your skin and cause an allergic reaction, itching, eczema, dermatitis, and hives. 

Before spring arrives as beautiful as it is, let's explore how to create a skincare routine to protect your skin.

Buff away winter skin  

taylor made organics - beauty icon Buff away winter skin - it is time to shed off old, dry and dead skin by exfoliating your body and face. By doing this, it will reveal a refresh, new layer of skin. 

Sugar Scrub

Face Scrub

Dead Sea mud mask


taylor made organics - beauty icon Cleanse - particles in the air can attach themselves to the skin causing skin reactions making it important to cleanse the skin twice a day.

Calendula Chamomile Cleanser

Sea Buckthorn Cleanser

Makeup Remover with micellar water

 Face Wash
Face Toner

taylor made organics - beauty icon Tone - carry a toning mist wherever you go. Why? Toning seals the skin from unwanted particles, such as pollen, from attaching itself to the skin, plus it leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Calendula Chamomile Toning Mist

Sea Buckthorn Toning Mist


taylor made organics - beauty icon Protect and moisturize - protecting your skin from harmful UVA rays is important. To prevent the skin from becoming damaged or cultivating dark spots, moisturize with a light-weight moisturizer and apply SPF. 

Calendula Chamomile face cream

Sea Buckthorn face cream

Makeup - primer, concealer, foundation

 Face Cream
Organic, Naturally clean makeup
Taylor Made Organics - beauty icon Lighter makeup - a lighter, natural look is perfect for springtime. Our liquid foundation is light and breathable making it the perfect foundation to use all-year-around. But when it comes to shades, deep or dark is great for a winter look, but spring calls for peaches and pinks. Top it off with a bronzer to give your skin a natural tan look.

liquid foundation - loose foundation

blush - cate's crush, elegant nude, priceless peach

multi-stick - pink frost or rose dust

lipstick - cate's kiss, love lila, simply sidney

lip gloss - pearlescent, flirtatious cate, pinkalicious, clearly in love

makeup-remover with micellar water


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