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It's more than cheek tint

It's more than cheek tint

Thank goodness we do not have to pinch our cheeks to turn them a rosy red or light pink color. That had to hurt over a period and maybe even bruise the skin. Ouch! Today, an array of beautiful colors is available to us to apply to our cheeks. But what about the ingredient(s) to tint your cheeks can be more harmful than pinching your cheeks. 

The Egyptians are the first to introduce us to blush by combining a natural pigment with animal fat to apply to their cheeks and lips. Romans crushed mulberries. As time moved on, companies began manufacturing blush with harmful dyes like red and yellow along with toxic chemicals like parabens, lead, parabens, talc, and mineral oil.

Our blush ingredients

To tint your cheeks with a beautiful color without toxic chemicals or harmful dyes, our blush contains naturally clean ingredients like rice powder to absorb oil and set makeup to leave an even tone without caking. Jojoba oil, a natural antioxidant and moisturizer to promote collagen and silica, a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-caking agent. Our ingredients compliment your skin rather than causing harm and sensitives. 

DITCH the toxic cosmetics and SWITCH to naturally clean, Taylor Made just for you!

Stay healthy beautiful, 
Christy, Taylor, and Cate