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Organic Setting Spray

Organic Setting Spray

Give your makeup a Finishing Touch!

Anyone who does their makeup regularly knows that keeping your makeup looking flawless and fresh requires a finishing touch. Without that extra step, you go throughout the day worrying that your makeup is rubbing off or smearing and rushing to the bathroom for hurried touch-ups! Applying a setting spray after makeup application will fulfill that extra step to set makeup and leave you looking fresh all day!

The Finishing Touch Setting Spray is a microfine mist that contains hyaluronic acid, an anti-aging nutrient to naturally revive and refresh skin and secure makeup all day after being sprayed directly on top of makeup. It's the perfect step that's missing from your beauty routine!

Have oily skin or another troublesome skin type? Don't worry! Our makeup setting spray is perfect for all skin types. And did I mention how wonderful and amazing it smells?

Organic Ingredients - Our Finishing Touch Makeup Setting Spray

This alcohol-free, non-irritating setting spray is blended with key ingredients, aloe, calendula, and hyaluronic acid; each help keep your makeup healthy and natural. Aloe balances your skin's pH, keeps the skin's surface matte and de-oilified to keep your face makeup in place all day. 

Calendula preps, primes, sets, and refreshes. Calendula calms,  hydrates, and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid is an essential ingredient topping off the setting spray formulation. Hyaluronic acids keep the skin plump, allowing it to become moisturized without feeling heavy. Its natural anti-aging benefits will smooth fine lines and wrinkles while maintaining hydration all day.

Ingredients for our setting sprays:

Ingredients: aloe*, water, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, calendula extract*, rose extract*, polysorbate, potassium sorbate, vanilla oil*, rose oil*

paraben free | glycol free | alcohol-free | phthalate-free | cruelty-free

The Benefits of Natural & Organic Setting Spray for Makeup

A setting spray will provide multiple benefits, including preventing smudging, creasing, or fading. Using a makeup setting spray gives your makeup longevity, reduces shine, and creates a barrier or seal to keep your makeup in place. Without feeling sticky on your face!

Our setting spray isn't just a makeup product, though! It's a skin care product. What I love about our formulation is that it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. The lightweight spray makes your skin look and feel radiant without causing sensitive or allergic reactions.

Why choose an organic makeup setting spray?

  • Gentler on your skin over time: Many conventional makeup products contain unnecessary fillers and irritants that are hard on your skin over time. In some cases, these harsh chemicals can cause damage to the skin. Many makeup products created with natural ingredients will not have these fillers and irritants that conventional makeup products do, promoting the health of your skin, rather than harming it & allowing you to rest assured in the knowledge that you're using only the best ingredients.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Your skin absorbs the compounds that are put on top of it. With natural and organic ingredients, your skin is absorbing nutrients and compounds that are beneficial and doesn't have to absorb those that are harmful and full of chemicals and toxic ingredients.
  • Earth-friendly: Typical makeup products are made with ingredients that often have a detrimental effect on our environment. Manufacturing of makeups that are full of chemicals will put those chemicals and others out into the air and water. When organic products are created, fewer chemical fumes are released into the air, affecting fewer natural resources and wildlife.
  • Avoid irritation: Artificial colors and scents, chemicals, and filler ingredients in skincare and makeup products can cause redness, irritation, breakouts, and more! Many people even suffer from allergies that chemicals in makeup products can exacerbate. Using organic, natural makeup products will work for your skin health, rather than against it.
  • No weird side effects: I know that I talk about them a lot, but parabens are used in most makeup and beauty products manufactured today as a preservative to extend the shelf-life of these products. However, paraben is synthetic and will mimic your body's natural hormones. With this happening, many worry that the use of parabens will alter the functions of your body's endocrine system. Artificial ingredients like parabens may be helpful for the product itself, but when you combine the product and your skin, it can have some weird side effects. Using organic and natural bronzers and makeup products will only expose your skin to natural preservatives that won't affect your body!

How to Use

After applying makeup, shake the bottle of setting spray, hold 10-12 inches away from the face with mouth and eyes completely closed, and mist face evenly in an X and T formation. Allow the makeup setting spray to dry naturally. Use after applying makeup or as a midday touchup!

Final Thoughts

The innovative formula for our organic setting spray provides all-day hydration, a beautiful matte finish, sets makeup, and leaves a refreshing, luminous look. Not only does it protect the makeup underneath, but also your skin! It locks in moisture all day long, keeping even dry skin from being dried out by the setting spray and giving you a luminous glow!

We know you'll love our setting spray, so don't wait. Ditch makeup setting sprays with toxic chemicals and make the switch to organic setting sprays today!