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Fall means your skin is changing too....

Fall means your skin is changing too....

Fall brings cool nights, warm days, and plenty of changes with your skin. As the trees start to shed their leaves, you too will begin to shed dead skin. That's why exfoliation is so important.

Exfoliation is an essential key during weather changes to remove dead skin and to keep your skin looking healthy, smooth, radiant.

Where should you start?

First, let's explain exfoliation. Exfoliation means to wash or rub (a part of the body) with a granular substance to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliation helps unclog clogged pores, stimulates circulation, and promotes lymphatic drainage. 

Can I use any exfoliant anywhere?

No. We suggest different types of exfoliants depending on where you want to exfoliate.

Dry skin brushing with a natural, soft bristle brush can be used all over the body, excluding the face. It's gentle, but effective to remove dead skin cells and your skin will feel soft afterward. Dry skin brushing should be done several times a week and PRIOR to taking a bath or shower. 

What about a little, rougher exfoilant for my legs, heels, elbows, and hands that will help hydrate too?

We offer a wide range of sugar scrubs just for those areas. Key ingredients in these scrubs are sugar, avocado and coconut oil and shea butter. The tiny, but effective sugar crystals work to exfoliate your skin while the oils and butter hydrate and moisturize. 

What about my face?

Glad you asked! Exfoliants for the face need to be gentle and not course compared to sugar scrubs. Our scrubs have small jojoba beads which are circular in shape to penetrate into your pores and clean out oil and bacteria. Each scrub we offer is different according to your skin type, but they each have herbs and essential oils to help specific skin ailments like acne or rosacea. 

After exfoliating the face, we suggest cleansing it with one of our foaming cleansers and then follow-up with a toning mist and cream/moisturizer. 

Choose what's best for you....

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