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Gluten Free

Gluten Free

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Cruelty Free

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Made in the USA

Made in the USA

    For the removal of moles, warts, or skin tag, you may find that the C-Herb works very well. Some discolored spots may not be affected. C-Herb will not do anything to healthy tissues, so if it doesn’t work as described below you haven’t hurt anything by applying it.

    1 gram (note the bottle is only 1/8 of the way full and not completely full. The color is light brown due to an ingredient being harvested in a different season.)
    For a less evasive approach, try Cherb Cream


    Please remember that overuse (too much or too long) will increase the chance of scarring so follow the directions as suggested. Use only on one abnormality at a time and wait for it to heal before using it on another.

    We suggest that you apply a small amount of Herbal Skin Salve, to the area you plan to use C-Herb on, for at least 3 days prior to using C-Herb. This will prepare the tissues and reduce the chance of scarring.

    Generally, apply a very small amount of C-Herb (with a toothpick or plastic spatula, do not touch C-herb, or use metal to apply) on the mole or tissue that you want to remove. DO NOT OVERUSE the C-Herb. A very light amount that covers the surface area is all that should be used. Once applied, apply a few drops of water to the gauze or a bandaid to keep the product active. Then cover with a bandage to hold the herb in place. ONLY WORK ON (1) ONE AREA AT A TIME.

    The second application should be applied approximately 24 hours later. Remove the bandage and wash or shower if desired, then apply a second application of C-Herb to the area. This will usually produce a “pinking” of the area. By the third day, you will usually notice that the tissue of the affected area is getting darker or is turning white. It is particularly important that you look for a white ring either surrounding the affected tissues or including all the tissues being used with the C-Herb. If this does not take place after 2 applications, continue as per day 1 and 2 up to NOT MORE THAN 5* applications or days total. (each case is different. depending on the width or depth of the area, you might need to apply it for longer than 5 days. please contact us for additional information.)

    After the white ring appears (or 5 days), whichever happens first, please stop using the C-Herb. It may be helpful to apply Herbal Skin Salve lightly over and around the affected area to assist the affected tissues in continuing the process. Within a few days, the core of the affected tissues will fall out and leave a small, pink crater. Apply a small amount of Herbal Skin Salve lightly to this area twice a day. Be careful that the area heals from the bottom and does not close over from the top, leaving a cavity that could cause a cyst. It generally takes from 7 to 14 days for the crater to fill in completely, depending on size.

    Download Cherb Instructions here

    WARTS: Warts require that one scrapes off the tough, callous-like tissue on top before applying C-Herb. Once down to the “pink” flesh of the wart, apply as directed for moles. NOTE: Often a wart will turn very white and get sore. When the wart has turned white you may want to take a sterile needle and gently poke the top. Next, you’ll very GENTLY press the sides of the wart until a “seed” comes out (this looks like the seed in a concord grape) and the pain will stop almost immediately.

    PAIN: Many who use C-Herb are not bothered by pain during this process. However, there are areas of the body where the pain is more likely to occur. 

    Moles are easily and quickly removed by a direct topical application of C-Herb.

    Warts. are easily and quickly removed by a direct topical application of C-Herb.  You may need to scrap the top of the wart before applying the C-Herb for better results.

    Disclaimer: The information in this report is not intended to be used for diagnosing ailments or prescribing remedies in any way. The publisher neither recommends nor suggests that individuals use C-Herb. This information is not meant or intended to be a substitute for professional medical help.

    Please note that the container is a 1 gram plastic vial about 1/16 full of concentrated ingredients. The amount of c-herb in the product is about the size of an eraser head. The whole container is NOT completely filled. It's not a sample or trial size. This is the actual amount. The contents are concentrated into an effective powerful formula. The container will be wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper. Please don't throw it away! It's a tiny glass bottle.

    1 gram size

    Day one. 
    On the first day, I applied a thin film of the paste to the area as directed, then covered it with a bandage to keep it from being wiped off. The instructions say you don't have to use much. Just the tiniest amount massaged into the problem area will do the trick. The instructions also mentioned that I might experience a tingling sensation. Instead, I felt a very mild burning a couple of hours after I applied it. The tingling or burning is said to correspond to the activation of your immune system.

    Day 2 Cherb Day Two. Early on the second day, I applied the product again. By the end of the second day, the bad spot was surrounded by a circle of white skin indicating the abnormal tissue was being rejected by the body. This is the response predicted in the instructions that came with the product. Note that the skin surrounding the spot looks a little inflamed.


    Day 3 Cherb Day three. By the end of the third day, the questionable tissue was clearly dying. It turned into something that looked a little like a boil. In the photo note that pustules have begun to form on and inside the white ring. Rather, the pustules indicate the activity of white cells absorbing the abnormal tissue.


    Day 7 Cherb Day seven. The process of rejection continued during the next few days. The rejected tissue began to separate from the healthy surrounding skin. By the seventh day, the dead tissue had been reduced to a nugget of jelly-like material in the center of a crater of fresh pink skin. There was no longer any discomfort. The skin around the nugget was clearly growing and developed a pouty, lip-like appearance as it expanded.


    Day 10 Cherb Day ten. During the tenth day, the loosened nugget fell out while I was washing the area. No pain or discomfort. It just came out. I was surprised at the depth of the resulting pit in my arm. It was about 3/16th inches deep. The little patch of abnormal skin apparently had roots that extended far below the surface of the skin.


    Day 13 Cherb Day thirteen. The pit is closing up nicely, filling in with healthy skin as predicted. Most of the raised lip of the pit has disappeared as the tissue moves in to fill the gap. A small scab lies where the center of the pit had been. The outmost layer of skin around the site has peeled back, much as it does after a sunburn. 

    Day 18 Cherb Day eighteen. The area continues to heal without incident. There is only a slight depression in the skin now. The peeling of the outer layer of skin has stopped. The new skin remains a little pink, but otherwise, the area is assuming a normal appearance.

    Not for internal use. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not Ingest! For external use only! ~Store at ambient temperature, away from direct sunlight. This product and description have not been evaluated by the FDA. Taylor Made Organics does not produce or manufacture this product. We purchased it from a quality company. Please use it at your own risk, we are not responsible for the misuse. If symptoms persist, please seek medical advice.

    Water, fiber, black walnut, burdock, white oak bark, and mineral salts.

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