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Christmas Winter Collection is H E R E !!!

Christmas Winter Collection is H E R E !!!

Gingerbread Gift CollectionJack Frost Collection

Our N E W Christmas Winter Collection is H E R E, Cranberry Fig, Gingerbread, and Jack Frost! I have been biting at the bit to share it with you.

Last year around this same time I decided on what scents I would offer this year which was Gingerbread (everyone's favorite), Cranberry Fig, and Candy Cane. I wanted this year's collection to bring out everything you remember Christmas as. A little citrusy, a little warm and spicy and a little nippy.

After giving it some thought in regards to color schemes, I realized I couldn’t have two red collections, cranberry fig, and candy cane. So back to the drawing board I went.

One day as I was thinking about what to change the candy cane line too because I had to keep the Cranberry Fig Collection and it hit me, Jack Frost nipping at your nose. I would keep the peppermint scent but add a little warm vanilla. I went to work immediately on formulating the scent and creating what I wanted the packaging to look like. I am still overjoyed with how it turned out. 

As I was finalizing the last scent, Cranberry Fig, another, "Oh no" moment hit me. As I was making the Cranberry Fig Collection, the scent I had in my head or should I say nose, wasn't quite what I was smelling anticipating.

A few weeks ago I couldn't sleep, so I came out to the shop to work. At 3 am I starting thinking about what I could add to the cranberry fig to make it marry with the cranberry and fig scent. A few minutes later, I thought about orange essential oil and how much I love our Creamsicle scent. Then it hit me, add orange essential oil to the Cranberry Fig scent and OH MY, they paired AMAZINGLY!! I have to thank the Food Network for inspiring me. I love that channel!

I thought Jack Frost was going to be my favorite and it still it, but the Cranberry Fig is by far the most exquisite scent. 

After dropping the New Collections off to a few of my retailers, they too LOVED IT! Here I was rethinking if I should offer the Cranberry Fig scent altogether, but the response has been amazing!

So here they are! We hope you enjoy our New Christmas Winter Collections and it reminds you of your time together with family and friends! By the way, the new collections make great Christmas gifts and stockings stuffers... hint, hint! 

Here's a little information about each one. 

Cranberry Fig - Notes of cranberry and a splash of orange with a touch of fig all mixed together smells sweet and delicious

Gingerbread - Gingerbread smells good enough to eat. It has hints of ginger, cinnamon, clove, with a dash of vanilla

Jack Frost - Jack Frost cool, crisp scent is drizzled with nippy peppermint and warm, cozy vanilla.

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