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Introducing Rose: Our New Mascot with an Incredible Story!

Introducing Rose: Our New Mascot with an Incredible Story!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Rose, our adorable Goldendoodle mascot! Some of you had the pleasure of meeting her at Dayton Days last Saturday, and we have some exciting news to share. Rose will be joining us at all our upcoming shows for the rest of the year!

About a week ago, God brought Rose into our lives at one of our past pop-up markets. We believe it was truly a divine intervention. Our middle daughter had a Goldendoodle + lab mix named Hazel, who had been by our side since she was just a pup. Hazel helped us through some tough times, including the loss of my dad and almost losing my son. When the time came for Hazel to start a new chapter in her life with her loving mom and dad's new home, we felt a deep sense of loss.

My husband had the idea to find another dog like Hazel, but I was hesitant. Could another dog truly have the same loving and gentle temperament? However, destiny had its own plan. Months before getting Rose, we met a kind young man with a dog that reminded us so much of Hazel. We were amazed by her temperament and couldn't help but inquire about her.

A few months later, at one of our pop-up events, as we were finishing up the day, destiny struck again. A lady and her son approached with two Goldendoodles and one of them looked exactly like Hazel did as a pup. We fell in love with her gentle and laid-back nature. As we conversed with the lady and her son, we discovered that she prays for their future owners.

Little did we know, the phone number I had in my phone all along belonged to her, the same lady who turned up at the event with the two Goldendoodles. It was a clear sign that God had orchestrated this beautiful connection. It reminded us that God cares deeply for the wounded and brokenhearted, and He intricately weaves every detail of our lives together.

After bringing Rose home that day, we spent some time contemplating a name for her. Eventually, we decided to embrace the symbol of love and affection, and we named her Rose, our new mascot.