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A confident makeup look made simple

A Confident Makeup Look Made Simple

You deserve to feel confident and beautiful in your makeup without having a complex or time-consuming routine. We're passionate about fostering confidence, so we set out to create our organic makeup line the right way!

Each of our beauty products is carefully formulated with clean ingredients to keep your skin happy and healthy and to effortlessly blend together, helping you put your confident look together with ease.

5 Tips for Creating Your Confident Beauty Look

1. Always have a clean face!

If you start putting makeup on while your face is oily or dirty, all of that oil and dirt is getting trapped under or mixed into the makeup that is being put on your face. And, if you're anything like most people, you're probably applying makeup to go to work or go out, which means that all of those oils and dirt are sitting on your face for hours on end.

Make sure you wash your face and dry it thoroughly before applying your makeup. The products will apply easier and your skin will stay clean and healthy!

2. Use a primer!

If you use foundation, you may have trouble with it rubbing off throughout the day, which can be a huge shot to your confidence in your beauty look. Try applying a primer under your foundation! The primer helps the foundation to set and stay in place, which leaves you with a smooth finish on your skin throughout your day.

3. You don't need foundation or concealer!

For me, foundation can be a lot. I don't like the feeling of it on my face and my skin breaks out easily if I wear it. But, that doesn't mean that I don't have a good time with other makeup products! If you want to apply some eyeshadow and a quick lip color, go for it. Foundation is not required for you to mix it up and make your eyes and lips pop!

4. Use your makeup brush(es) lightly!

If your powder products are applying too thin or light, it's probably the makeup that you're using, not the brush. Don't take it out on the brush by pressing down too hard! Our brushes are just like anything else and they should be taken care of, not worn down by using them too roughly.

This also serves a purpose for your makeup. If you're using hard strokes, you don't have as much precision and it may be harder to blend your makeup. Using light, airy strokes will give you an easy beauty look that you can feel confident in!

Hot Tip: Don't forget to clean your makeup brushes either! Leaving your brushes with the buildup that they get can cause breakouts.

5. Always have a safe, but effective makeup remover on hand!

There's nothing more frustrating than getting home at the end of the day and having to spend forever removing your makeup because your makeup remover isn't working. Find a makeup remover that works great every time (but doesn't have harmful ingredients) and keep it on hand. You'll thank yourself every time you're removing your makeup after a long day!